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On December 8th, within the framework of implementing the TOURing project, the Regional Development Fund of Attica (RDFA) conducted its first online Roundtable Discussion in Athens, Greece. The primary objectives of the event  were to inform participants and provide support in the context of the Pact for Skills in Tourism, while also highlighting the achievements of a more sustainable and digitally-oriented economy. This is especially crucial for the tourism industry, which is currently facing significant challenges in transitioning towards both environmentally friendly and digital practices.

Specifically, the event focused on issues related to reskilling and upskilling within the tourism sector, emphasizing digital and green capabilities. The event brough together representatives from confederations, chambers of commerce, Lifelong Learning Centers, tourism service providers, human resource companies, and tourism SMEs. The first Round Table saw active participation from 23 attendees who shared their profiles and thoughts on the TOURing project. They underscored the growing importance of skills related to the green and digital transition. In subsequent discussions, participants exchanged experiences and expressed their willingness to engage in upcoming actions and events of the TOURing project. The green and digital transition holds a significant place in the Pact of Skills, as the tourism industry adapts to the demands of the new digital era while actively pursuing environmental sustainability.

The TOURing project addresses the gap between the skills and competences needed by the markets in the tourism industry and the capacity of Vocational Educational Training (VET) organizations to offer customized programs and enhanced opportunities that can bring equilibrium to the tourism sector. Mr. Grassos, the representative of the Lead partner, AKMI S.A., provided insights into how the Regional Pact could function in the Region of Attica. He discussed the potential contributions of the organizations in Greece. Additionally, two other significant organizations, INSETE and Metropolitan College, are participants in the Pact for Skills in Toursim. Furthermore, a Management Group proposed the establishment of a Network through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). It was also highlighted that the TOURing project aims to develop and disseminate a standardized skills model for the tourism sector in the EU, with the objective of addressing skills mismatches and fostering future development of the tourism workforce.

The project also  contributes to the development of a Cluster, offering exclusive services to its members, including the Networking Hub, the Knowledge Hub, and the Guidance Hub. These hubs provide extensive opportunities for collaborations, networking, training and funding opportunities. Last but not least, TOURing project envisions creating an effective mechanism where Vocational Education and Training partners, including VET institutions and tourism businesses, engage in a process of mutual learning, consultation, and skills building, ensuring quality and attractiveness at the European, national, regional, and local levels in tourism. The meeting concluded with participants being informed about the 2nd Round Table Discussion scheduled for April 2024, aiming to finalize support from institutions, organizations, and businesses in the Attica Region.



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