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AccorHotels Planet 21 program

AccorHotels’ Planet 21 program is a comprehensive sustainability and social responsibility initiative implemented by the global hospitality company. Planet 21 reflects AccorHotels’ commitment to sustainable development and encompasses a wide range of initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of their operations, promoting social responsibility, and engaging stakeholders. The program focuses on four key areas: Nature: AccorHotels aims to protect biodiversity and reduce its environmental footprint. Initiatives include promoting sustainable food practices, implementing energy and water-saving measures, managing waste responsibly, and integrating sustainable design and construction practices in new developments. The company also supports environmental projects and engages in partnerships to address climate change and protect ecosystems. Carbon: AccorHotels strives to reduce its carbon emissions and contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy. The program sets ambitious targets to decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across its portfolio of hotels. AccorHotels invests in renewable energy sources, encourages energy-efficient operations, and educates guests and employees about sustainable practices. Innovation: Planet 21 encourages innovation and research in sustainable hospitality. AccorHotels collaborates with partners, institutions, and startups to develop and implement innovative solutions that contribute to sustainability goals. The program embraces technological advancements, digitalization, and data analytics to drive operational efficiency and enhance sustainability performance. Local: AccorHotels is committed to supporting local communities and promoting social inclusion. The company focuses on creating employment opportunities, particularly for underprivileged individuals, and developing skills through training and education programs. AccorHotels also engages in philanthropic activities and partnerships to address social issues such as poverty, inequality, and human rights. AccorHotels’ Planet 21 program involves a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of the hospitality industry, including operations, guest experience, supply chain management, and community engagement. The program sets specific targets and tracks progress using key performance indicators to ensure accountability and transparency.