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Adventure Tourism

The Adventure Tourism is an EU funded project, is been implemented from 2023 and includes an online course which is divided into two distinct online modules. These modules are complemented by supplementary educational materials and bolstered by video content featuring insights from industry specialists. Access to our knowledge exchange platform, available for participation, further enriches the learning experience. These meticulously crafted resources are designed to leave a profound and enduring influence on course participants. AVIP offers a flexible learning trajectory, empowering learners to elevate their proficiency in digital tools and entrepreneurial acumen. Simultaneously, it equips them with the skills needed to navigate the swiftly evolving landscape of adventure tourism. The course has been meticulously curated by subject-matter experts who possess a fervent passion for tourism and possess a wealth of knowledge in the realm of digital marketing. Their expertise ensures a robust and comprehensive educational journey for all participants. These courses are supported by additional learning resources and reinforced by videos from industry experts and our knowledge exchange platform. The main focus of the project is on developing education and training programmes to strengthen the skill base of young people and adults working in the adventure tourism sector. The outputs include innovative study modules aimed at practitioners and employees, as well as students. Cross-cultural forums will be created to ensure an alliance that pools resources, expertise and experience from across the trans-national partnership. The project will help SMEs to upskill in marketing and digital technologies. Learners will acquire the technical skills required to implement effective digital marketing, as well as the product innovation skills that are critical to entrepreneurship and businesses growth.