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AITR: Italian Association for Responsable Tourism (AITR: Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile)

AITR focuses on advocating for responsible tourism practices. They work with tourism operators, businesses, and local communities to encourage sustainable tourism development, minimize negative impacts on the environment and culture, and promote authentic and meaningful experiences for travelers. The association has been actively working in the field to promote responsible tourism, continuously striving to raise awareness and drive positive change in the tourism industry. The goal of the association is to promote responsible tourism in Italy. They strive to create a sustainable tourism industry that respects the environment, supports local communities, and preserves cultural heritage. AITR has successfully raised awareness about responsible tourism among tourism operators, businesses, and travelers in Italy. Through their initiatives, it has influenced the adoption of sustainable practices by tourism businesses, leading to reduced environmental impacts and greater support for local communities. The association has facilitated the creation of authentic and immersive tourism experiences that showcase Italy’s cultural heritage while respecting local traditions and customs.