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ALBERGHI DIFFUSI – A new model of hospitality

The goal of the National Association of the Alberghi Diffusi (ADI) is to promote and showcase the Albergo Diffuso accommodation model, highlighting its innovative “made in Italy” approach. The objectives include providing information about Albergo Diffuso, sharing updates about the ADI association, and facilitating navigation through various member facilities. The intervention focuses on raising awareness about Albergo Diffuso as a unique hospitality model. It addresses the target population of tourists interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly accommodations. The intervention aims to bridge the gap between tourists’ demand for sustainable stays and the availability of the establishments. Mechanisms and tools such as the official website and the “Narrators of the place” section are in place to report and address the needs of visitors and promote the essence of Albergo Diffuso. The intervention takes place in different locations, primarily small historic centers, ancient villages, rural or mountain settlements. The main outcomes of the intervention include increased awareness and understanding of the Albergo Diffuso accommodation model among tourists. The website serves as a comprehensive resource for visitors seeking information about the related establishments and the territories they are located in. The “Narrators of the place” section provides a unique and personalized insight into the local culture and experiences. The intervention also contributes to promoting sustainable tourism practices and preserving cultural heritage.