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“An Assessment of Skills Needs in Tourism and Cultural Industries” Skills Dialogue report

Skills Dialogues involve consultations with various industrial and business sectors to produce authoritative skills assessments. They utilize research from National Training Organizations and national surveys, like the Employers Skill Survey 2001, to identify current and future skills needs. For instance, a Skills Dialogue focused on tourism and cultural industries used data from labor market reports and interviews. It presented findings in 2002, prompting actions such as enhancing careers guidance, promoting available courses, and mapping training opportunities regionally. Recommendations included incorporating more business management skills into education, offering short courses tailored to business needs, and aligning higher education curriculum with industry demands. There’s also a call for diversity-responsive training, government support for small businesses, and fostering a culture of collective responsibility for training. Moreover, the report highlights the importance of National Occupational Standards as a framework for coordinating recruitment, retention, training, and skills development, suggesting they could serve as benchmarks for monitoring progress and assessing training needs.