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“Aspects of Digitalization and Related Impact on Green Tourism in European Countries” by Andreea Simona Saseanu, Simona Ioana Ghita, Irina Albastroiu, and Carmen-Alexandra Stoian (article in “Information” journal, October 2020).

This study investigates the impact of digitalization on sustainable tourism in European countries. It explores tourists’ preferences in accommodation, economic well-being, and the role of information technologies in travel planning. Using regression analysis and principal component analysis, the research reveals that green destinations and eco-friendly accommodations, along with internet use in travel planning, significantly influence tourism sustainability. The study emphasizes the increasing reliance on digital technologies in the tourism sector, driven by the information component of the industry. It highlights the importance of investing in digital tools for long-term success, innovation, and adapting to market changes. The research also discusses the interplay between green tourism and digital marketing. In addition to clarifying the influence of IT technologies on tourism sustainability, the study identifies behavioral models of European countries and proposes economic and social policy recommendations for ensuring the sustainable nature of tourism. The methodology section details data sets and statistical methods, while the results section focuses on the impact of digitalization on tourism sustainability and behavioral patterns of European countries. The article concludes with a summary of findings and discussions on implications for future research in this field.