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Best practices collected by the German chambers of commerce

This website provides information on best practices in the hospitality industry presented in a panel organised by the German chambers of Commerse: More precisely some of the innovations that the German tourism industry uses are: 1. Digital energy world using the example of the innogy Hotel and Congress Centre Wanderath Implementation of the “SmartConnect” pilot project with GridX, innogy and Westnetz Reduction of CO2 Emissions and use of renewable energies Dynamic load management for optimal control of energy consumption Parallel cost savings through conscientious use of resources Sharpening the environmental awareness among the guests through “story” within the hotel 2. Snack (app) using the example of innogy Gastronomie GmbHinnovative pilot project for improved catering for employees as part of the intermediate catering in company catering. Ordering via app to individualize snacks Decoupling from the usual opening hours in the snack Generation of additional sales Other offers (e.g. bowls, salads) can be placed 3. Digital check-in using the example of the food hotel Neuwied Theme time. 4. Location-independent learning in the hotel industry using VR glasses using the example of the Gastronomic Education Center Koblenz Career changers, trainees and migrants with little knowledge of German receive in-depth basic knowledge (reception, housekeeping, kitchen) through an interactive learning situation VR learning packages with trainer guides and performance assessment tests offer independent, location-independent and flexible learning Practical tasks and complex processes are better understood through innovative training solutions The gap between theory and practice narrows as employees can experience concrete situations and apply knowledge directly