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The project is implemented by the Faculty of Business, Management, and Economics of the University of Latvia, in collaboration with partner institutions from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Germany. The main objective of BOOSTED is to address the existing skills gaps and mismatches in the tourism industry by creating a comprehensive vocational education system that meets the evolving needs of the sector. By focusing on key areas such as entrepreneurship, digital skills, sustainability, and customer-centricity, the BOOSTED project aims to equip current and future tourism professionals with the necessary knowledge and competencies to thrive in a rapidly changing industry. The project places a strong emphasis on collaboration between academia, industry stakeholders, and policymakers to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the developed vocational education programs. The BOOSTED project incorporates various activities, including research, curriculum development, teacher training, and the establishment of a network of tourism education institutions and industry partners. Through these initiatives, the project aims to foster innovation, enhance the quality of vocational education, and promote international cooperation and mobility in the tourism sector. The main objective of the BOOSTED project is to develop and implement innovative VET programs that address the current and future needs of the tourism industry. The project aims to bridge the gap between education and industry requirements, ensuring that vocational education programs align with the skills and competencies demanded by the tourism sector. The project focuses on several key activities, including: Conducting research and analysis to identify the current skills gaps and future trends in the tourism industry. Developing new VET programs and updating existing ones to meet the identified needs. Integrating work-based learning and practical training opportunities into the curriculum. Enhancing the cooperation and collaboration between educational institutions and tourism businesses. Implementing pilot programs and evaluating their effectiveness. Disseminating project results and sharing best practices within the tourism education community. The ultimate goal of the BOOSTED project is to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the tourism industry by equipping vocational education graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge. By strengthening the connection between education and the labor market, the project aims to enhance the employability and entrepreneurial potential of individuals pursuing vocational education in the tourism sector.