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Cerdeira – Home for Creativity. The rebirth of a Village.

Hidden away in a small valley at 700m above sea level, Cerdeira was a village of schist houses at risk of disappearing after agricultural activity was abandoned in the middle of the 20th Century. Almost 300 years old, the village was built by courageous people, farmers who lived off the land and who, even if they left in search of a better life for their families, would always come back and visit their home. Today, Cerdeira has new stories to tell, of new inhabitants who have, will their persistence and willpower, breathed life and purpose back into this place, of men and women who have knowledgeably restored the houses and made them comfortable as a 21st-century house should be, of guests who choose the village to spend their holidays, digital nomad who seek for a quiet and motivating place to work, and of artists from all over the world who come in search of inspiration. Cerdeira is now one of 27 villages that make up the network of Aldeias do Xisto. Cerdeira is a place of artistic creation, through international Artist Residencies and its School of Arts and Crafts. It is a place for creative work and wellness retreats. A hideaway for a truly invigorating holiday, taking advantage of its natural wealth, silence and all the infrastructures developed to make this possible: the accommodation, the House of Arts, the workshops, the Library, the Gallery, the community oven and the Café da Videira. Social Responsibility and Ecological Sustainability are fundamental concepts, applied not only in the reconstruction phase with regional techniques and labour and with the introduction of ecological materials, but also in the daily operation. Cerdeira – Home for Creativity was thought to be a sustainable and inspiring project. The schist houses have been rebuilt with stone, clay, and native woods, always thinking about the comfort and well-being of our guests. Creativity combined with Ecological Sustainability and Social Responsibility are fundamental concepts for them, applied not only to the rehabilitation of shale houses and classified heritage but also to the activities around art and creativity that have been developed, and of course, in the involvement with the Local Community. In this way, efforts are made to: To promote programs and environmental training to employees and guests to raise awareness of responsible and sustainable tourism To promote rational use of natural resources, optimizing energy and water consumption To value the use of local and, where possible, organic products To measure the waste produced in the facilities to reduce it every year To favor certified ecological products for cleaning and maintenance To favor local and regional resources (eg, local builders, hiring staff, equipment acquisition) To favor the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management system To comply with applicable legal and environmental requirements and other requirements subscribed by the accommodation To disclose our Environmental Policy to all stakeholders To use Digital, Culture and Art as a means of connecting with the Local Community.