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Covid-19 provided an opportunity to make improvements to Savoy Signature Hotels.

It is the leading regional hotel group in Portugal: it has 6 five stars hotels in Madeira Islands. Digitization and a commitment to a new type of customer were the way chosen to recover from the pandemic. The certainty that the Covid-19 pandemic did not only bring “less good things” is evidenced by the investment that some hotel groups made during this period in their units, never standing still despite sometimes being “forced” to close down some establishments. Nuno Antunes, board advisor at Savoy Signature, explains this and guarantees that “the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 constituted an opportunity to carry out improvements in some hotels”, namely the Gardens, the Royal Savoy and the Saccharum. In the case of the Royal Savoy, for example, the group invested five million euros in various reformulations of the unit’s interior and exterior. On the technological side, Savoy Signature launched an innovative application, as it allows the dematerialization of the experience in the units, using the customer’s mobile equipment throughout the relationship with the hotels. “It is an integration of the mobile service with the self service, which, in addition to reducing contacts, guarantees comfort, efficiency and excellence in a highly personalized service”, he explains. This solution was created based on the “Bring Your Own Device” concept, which allows the provision of a personalized and contactless service throughout the stay. It works in a very simple way: guests can check-in before arrival through this application, access their room key in digital format, organize their itinerary, book restaurants and Spa experiences, make contactless payments, order room service or control the television in the room, among many other benefits. On the other hand, the hotel group invested heavily in the digitization of various processes, like in Robotic Process Automation solutions, “which will allow us to automate, improve and reduce the costs of a wide range of routine tasks, including reservations right away”, he adds. Improvements are expected throughout the operation, making it faster, more agile and easier, reinforcing our DNA and commitment to quality”. In addition to this, several solutions have already been implemented that demonstrate Savoy Signature’s commitment to digital, such as Filedoc, which allows for more effective document and process management, the new telephone switchboard or the chatbot.