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Digital Tourism – a new EQF level 4/5 training qualification

The digital development for tourism industry has become essential to gain competitive advantages and to shape their offer on the needs of the target audience. That´s why the Erasmus+ European Joint Qualification Digital Tourism project was born. Seven organizations from five different countries worked together on developing a new job profile: the Digital Tourism Thechnician qualification, with the following characteristics: 3 years I-VET course, 4/5 EQF level; Has more than 30 technological training modules and its learning outcomes, organized by Learning Units and Sub Units, which can be used as C-VET courses. It was developed after the definition of the Job Profile of a Digital Tourism Technician. It explains what type of job this new professional does, in each type of organizations, how it is done, what skills are required and with what equipment/tool. It has three main axes: Digital Marketing, Digital Tourism and IT skills curricula. It includes the methodology for medium and long term WBL in national and international companies, namely the validation of assessment criteria for WBL activities. It was preceded by a Digital Tourism organizations European needs analysis report: critically analysed the most important and common findings on each five national reports. The job profile and the qualification were created based primarily on it: both national state of the art but mainly on these European results, as it is required that the learners can practice their job at the European Labour Market. Hundreds of European tourism & hospitality companies and organizations contributed.