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Digital Tourism project

This digital tourism project, implemented from 20118 to 2021, developed a new qualification for one of Europe’s and World’s highest growing sectors, Tourism. There is a widespread tourists’ complaint about the difficulties in accessing tourist information in an organized, responsive and digitally interactive way. In order to develop and support the touristic sector, it is required to design and develop solutions and services that produce effective and real simplification of the processes of creation, use and exploitation of information, in an interactive way with the customers. This project will support the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills targeting promotional and marketing strategies based on IT (tourism), already widespread abroad. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Hospitality sector was one of the most affected in the European economies, with a huge reduction of its organizations’ activities. Even so, we have been watching a change in that sector customers’ behaviour: they have suffered a limitation on their mobility which has emphasized the need of digitalization on a daily basis. More than ever, every single customer has understood the importance of using digital tools. Hence the importance for companies to change their business model towards digitalization and the VET providers to train learners to be skilled, according to such needs. The Goal and Objectives of the project were: Increased quality of life and work for students and teachers due to the new digital Tourism Skills qualification. Increased entrance to higher education among recent graduates’ new qualification. Increased labor mobility among recent graduates. The target groups on a daily basis, therefore all partners will be contributed actively at local, regional, and national level, making best use of their significant influence on tourism, key stakeholders and policy makers. The main outputs of the project have been the following: Training needs analysis Digital Tourism Qualification (DTQ) Development Validation of assessment criteria for WBL activities Evaluation and Peer-reviewing