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DIGITOUR is an EU funded project implemented from 2020 to 2024 aiming to increase the competitiveness and resilience of tourism SMEs in Europe to cope with the new challenges of the tourism sector by upskilling their digital knowledge, boosting innovative sustainable ideas and solutions, and fostering cross-border and cross sectoral partnerships. Its main objectives include: Supporting SMEs Through Financial Support, Through Two Types of Vouchers: (1) an Up-skilling and Capacity Building Voucher for individual SMEs wishing to increase their skills and knowledge of digital tools and technologies to foster their competitiveness and scale-up; (2) a Collaboration Innovation Voucher for groups of SMEs wishing to cooperate on innovative projects at the national or fostering cooperation among tourism SMEs and also between tourism SMEs and the digital ecosystem transnational level. Fostering Cooperation Among Tourism SMEs and also between Tourism SMEs and the Digital Ecosystem at the territorial and cross-border level throughout the project, through events and also through the establishment of a B2B platform to facilitate matchmaking and peer-learning. Providing Ongoing Mentoring Support and Tutoring to Participating Tourism SMEs including technical support to incubation, acceleration and scaling-up and monitor the impact of the project on their activities. Assessing the Level of Digital Readiness of participating enterprises and monitoring impacts on their level of digitisation, providing recommendations beyond the project. Fostering Networking at The European Level by offering SMEs access to international collaboration platforms and networks (the Enterprise Europe Network, the European cluster collaboration platform, and specific regional and national networks dedicated to innovation in tourism). Fostering Public Private Partnerships (PPPS) within the tourism ecosystem by promoting encounter between public bodies and participating SMEs. The main results of the project include: Improve digital skills and capacities of tourism SMEs and increase their knowledge of digital tools/ technologies through training and individual advisory support at least 100 SMEs will be supported through up-skilling and capacity building individual vouchers. Boost innovative ideas for digital solutions by tourism SMEs to improve their offer of products and services and their management, marketing, and promotion in novel and sustainable ways, adapting to the new challenges of the tourism sector (at least 19 projects by groups of SMEs, involving at least 38 SMEs, will be funded through collaboration innovation vouchers). Foster cross-sectoral and cross-border partnerships among tourism sector SMEs and stakeholders, and providers of innovative, digital and smart solutions and new technologies (at least 138 SMEs will be connected to providers of digitals solutions and technologies and will be in touch with their peers in at least 12 countries; at least 19 collaborative projects will be launched, bringing tourism SMEs to cooperate among them and with providers of innovative, digital and smart solutions and new technologies).