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European and Tourism Going Green (ETGG) 2030 Report: Review and analysis of policies, strategies, and instruments for boosting sustainable tourism in Europe (report prepared by the ETGG Project Consortium and funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union, January 2022).

Work Package 1 of the Europe and Tourism Going Green (ETGG) 2030 project involves the development and preparation of the “European SME Going Green 2030 Report” with the objective of providing an overview of Europe-wide action on the state and development of sustainable tourism at different levels, with a particular focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition to information on the political framework for sustainable tourism at global and at European levels, the emphasis of the report is on national chapters that are to describe and analyse the current situation of sustainable tourism and of SMEs. These national reviews should cover information regarding relevant stakeholders, policies, and strategies as well as activities and instruments linked to sustainable tourism development at national level. Furthermore, they should address core achievements as well as challenges and opportunities regarding the development of sustainable tourism, possibly taking into consideration the implications of the COVID-19 crisis. More detailed reports are to be delivered on the six participating project countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, and Romania). These detailed reports are to be elaborated in cooperation with the ETGG2030 project partners who will contribute, in addition to the analysis outlined above, information on relevant sustainable tourism policies and activities on the regional level as well as information on capacity building systems, funding programmes and other instruments that support SMEs with respect to sustainable tourism. The main task was to write up a national report on the present sustainable tourism situation of each country that is relevant to SMEs. This report will be incorporated as a national chapter into the overall ETGG SME 2030 Report. In the following paragraphs, the tasks and instruction are presented as they were handed out to the authors of the report to assure a consistent procedure. Political framework for sustainable tourism and description of the most relevant policies and strategies referring to sustainable tourism and SMEs at national level. Key stakeholders including the following organization categories: Governmental bodies and semi-governmental bodies Tourism associations Relevant research and educational bodies NGOs, Sustainable Tourism Networks and Partnerships (with a focus on SMEs) Individual tourism businesses and destinations of relevance for their sustainability efforts Specific activities and instruments for the development of sustainable tourism, again with a special focus on SMEs, covering, among others, the following: Sustainable tourism initiatives, projects, or campaigns Marketing and information services supporting sustainability in tourism. Tourism sustainability certification systems and awards Summary and conclusions regarding the national situation in each country considering the following aspects: Ambitions and achievements regarding sustainable tourism and the role of SMEs in it. Challenges for the development of sustainable tourism and for SMEs Prospects and challenges regarding the (post-) COVID-19 situation. Recommendations for boosting sustainable tourism for SMEs Reference List