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Executive Summary of the NTG Country Interview Reports on the Future of Digital, Green and Social Skills in Tourism.

Within the Erasmus+ funded Next Tourism Generation Alliance project, semi-structured interviews were conducted in all partner countries to acquire additional in-depth understanding and insights into the future of digital, green and social skills from the perspective of people working in the tourism industry. Altogether, 264 interviews were conducted (16 in Bulgaria,13 by EuroGites, 40 in Germany, 32 in Hungary, 20 in Italy, 33 in, 30 in the Netherlands, 30 in Spain, and 50 in the UK) with senior managers, human resource managers, company owners, entrepreneurs, heads of department and other relevant respondents in all five tourism sectors under investigation. This report identified and covered the following themes: Theme 1: NTG Skills Sets. This section offers a description of current skills needs, shortages and training provision regarding digital, green and social skills. Theme 2: The future of tourism. This theme provides an understanding of interviewees’ thoughts on tourism and the tourism industry in ten years’ time. Theme 3: Digital skills. In this section an overview of digital skills that the interviewees rate as the most important in ten years’ time is presented. Theme 4: Environmental management skills. Here, a summary of the environmental management skills thought to be relevant in ten years’ time is delivered. Theme 5: Social skills. In this section, insights into social skills (i.e., personal-, communication-, and diversity skills) that are thought to be important in ten years’ time are collected.