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Future employment needs for educational level possessed in EU27 in 2022-2035 by occupation and education level

The study forecast future employment needs in EU in the period 2022-2035 based on the educational level of workers and the occupation. This is the sum of future needs that will arise due to a) the need to replace existing workforce and b) the need to cover new jobs because the economy is growing – which, if demand for workers is shrinking, may be negative. Future employment needs in a given occupation may be substantial (due to the need to replace workers) even if the total numbers in this particular occupation are expected to decline. A paradigmatic example is that of agricultural workers, for which even if future employed trends seem declining in most countries, the need to replace workers who are now close to retirement will create large numbers of new job openings. Sometimes job seekers are not aware of this, meaning employers may then find it difficult to fill vacancies because people regard some occupations or sectors as being associated with limited future job growth – even though they may offer many employment opportunities. Comparing Future employment needs in EU27 over the period 2022-2035, the maximum is for Professionals with High Level of Education, while the minimum is for Farm and related workers with Low Level of Education. The top three future employment needs in EU27 over the period 2022-2035 are in office associate professionals, teaching professionals and office professionals. It is important to take a look to the level of education required in the future to provide adequate training within our project to the tourism professionals. In the next years, higher level of education will be required for the sectors – Accomodation and food (ISCED 0-2 – 39%; ISCED 3-4 – 44%; ISCED 5-8 – 14%); while in Arts recreation and other services (ISCED 0-2 –17%; ISCED 3-4 -– 46%; ISCED 5-8 – 35%). In these (and others sectors) the use of digital devices in EU is strongly widespread: at least 75% max 97%. Future employment needs in EU27 over the period 2020-2030: 18201600 Professionals with High Level of Education, 1321200 Hospitality and retail managers; 5904300 Sales workers; 4702900 Cleaners and helpers 748100 Food preparation helpers. Needs to replace in period 2020-2030. In the top three occupations, there are Sales workers 5438900 and Cleaners and helpers 4508300; then 1149500 Hospitality managers, and 673200 food preparation helpers.