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Google introduces new ways to search for hotels and save on flights

Google recently introduced a new search tool that allows you to perform more defined searches with regard to hotels, flight reservations and experiences to do during the vacation period. Choosing the right place to stay can make a trip memorable or ruin a vacation altogether, admitting to Google that “it’s not always a simple process”. With several factors to take into account – from location to reviews and price – Google has introduced an easier way to browse and discover hotels on mobile. From now on, each time a search is made the user will be able to find a new option to explore each unit in a sliding history format. From here, the user can tap on the photos of the hotel and get an idea of what to expect there. With a single tap, you can also save the hotel, get more details about the area, or view a summary of what people find remarkable about the property. When finished, the user simply swipes up to continue browsing. On Google Flights, the user can see if current prices are low, medium or high compared to historical averages. “Now, we are taking a step forward with a new pilot program for price guarantee in the US”, says Google, adding that, “if the user sees a flight with the price guarantee seal, that means that we have the sure that the price that appears will not change before departure”. “We monitor the price every day until departure and, if it drops, we will refund the difference via Google Pay”, stresses Google. During this pilot program, price guarantees are only available for “Book on Google” itineraries departing from the United States of America. As far as experiences go, Google reports that “making these types of plans is easier than ever. Just look for an attraction or tour company in ‘Search’ or ‘Maps’ and the user will find the prices directly in the listing, as well as a link to book the ticket”.