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Greener Act App

Greener Act is the first ever App that allows travellers to make positive changes by engaging in community projects and supporting local causes, at home and when travelling the world. Downloading and using this free App gives individual Travellers arriving at their destination awareness of local sustainable activities, crafted by responsible Organisations: Greener Places, Greener Events, Greener Causes and Greener Clusters. Through their digital platform, local Organisations are now empowered to create, measure and deliver more sustainable, conscientious and purposeful experiences. By showing interest, participating and contributing, Travellers actively demonstrate their commitment towards community engagement and environmental protection. Greener Act App is integrated in the scope of activities of the eGames Lab consortium – a consortium focused on the development of video games and creative industries in Portugal. The eGames Lab brings together 14 companies, R&D centres, public and private entities. For Tourists, once one has downloaded Greener Act and registered as a Traveller, one will start a sustainable journey. The more the engagement, the more one will be able to raise his/her greener profile and become a sustainable activist. One can manifest interest in participating in any local projects known as ‘Greener Events’, just by clicking the option “interested” and contribute to community development and environmental protection. One can also support any local charities which are close to the heart by donating towards ‘Greener Causes’. Greener Act does not take any commission on this transaction, as it believes that Sustainability is about transparency. It will also be possible to purchase Sustainable Experiences. For Tourism Organizations, it is useful to: Showcase the good practices of the organisation and link them to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Define its own KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) for its Greener Events so that can start measuring effectively the positive impact on the environment. Create your own ‘Greener Cause’ so that you can support local charities which are close to your heart. Receive monthly reporting through dynamic dashboards for its own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reporting and share them on all social media. Measure its employee’s engagement and find out “who” is the Greener employee of the month in the company. Create its own cluster and to receive market intelligence to measure its community performances and engagement. Become a Carbon Offset provider and contribute to global CO2 sequestration. To create its own Sustainable Experiences and sell them through GreenerAct.