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Hospitality & retail managers: skills opportunities and challenges – CEDEFOP

This report come from CEDEFOP’s data insights. According to the report, around 4.2 million people were employed as hospitality and retail managers in 2018. Employment in the occupation grew by just over 3 per cent between 2006 and 2018. Employment is projected to grow by 10 per cent over the period 2018 to 2030 – an increase of around 410,000 jobs. But this does not reflect the true level of future employment demand. There will be a need to replace those who will leave the occupation for one reason or another – which is expected to be around 2.7 million over the period 2018 and 2030. This means that over the same period there will be a need to fill around 3 million job openings. In the workplace, autonomy, creativity and resolution and service and attend are the most important tasks and skills of hospitality and retail managers. These managers are mainly employed in wholesale and retail trade (around 35%) and accommodation and catering (around 32%). The qualifications profile is not expected to change much in the future. In 2018, 22 per cent had low level qualifications and this expected to fall to 18 per cent in 2030. The corresponding figure for those with high level qualifications stood at 43 per cent, in 2018, and is expected to decrease to 41% in 2030. Some growth in those with high level qualification is expected – from 35% being so qualified in 2018 to 41% in 2030.