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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Green Engage program

IHG Hotels & Resorts has implemented the Green Engage program, an online sustainability platform accessible to all its hotels. The program enables hotels to track, measure, and report on their carbon footprint and utility consumption. It provides over 200 “Green Solutions” to help properties drive resource efficiency and reduce environmental footprints. IHG’s commitment to responsible business is ingrained in its operations, aiming to minimize environmental impacts and be a force for positive change. Recognizing the threat of climate change and the opportunity for positive impact, IHG developed the Green Engage program. It addressed complex considerations such as the lack of industry-specific tools, the franchise business model, global diversity, brand variations, rising utility costs, and increasing guest preferences for sustainability. Green Engage became mandatory for company-managed hotels, a brand standard for all IHG-branded hotels, and a global hotel metric for carbon reduction. The program works by inputting monthly utility data into the system, which calculates carbon footprints, generates reports, and provides benchmarks for performance tracking. It offers “Green Solutions” for actions to reduce impacts, covers various aspects of hotel operations, and calculates utility cost savings and carbon reductions. Hotels can achieve different certification levels based on completed actions and evidence of completion, with Level 1 certification being a global standard required for all IHG-branded hotels. The IHG Green Engage program is continuously updated to provide hotels with guidance, resources, best practices, and case studies. It focuses on eight key action groups, including operations, water, waste, energy, and more. Employee engagement and training are vital, and the program promotes sustainable practices within regular routines and the creation of “Green Teams.” Guest education is also encouraged, with hotels engaging guests in responsible behaviors through signage, literature, carbon footprint calculators, and promoting recycling and sustainable choices. Since becoming a brand standard, IHG Green Engage has helped IHG-branded hotels reduce utility costs and environmental impacts. By implementing recommended solutions, these hotels save millions in utility costs annually and make significant progress in reducing carbon footprints. Looking ahead, IHG has set science-based targets for 2030 to achieve reductions in absolute carbon emissions and carbon emissions per square meter. By implementing the Green Engage program, IHG Hotels & Resorts showcases its commitment to sustainability, cost savings, and environmental stewardship throughout its global hotel portfolio.