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International Finance Corporation (IFC) Report, “How firms are responding and adapting during Covid-19 and recovery: opportunities for accelerated inclusion in emerging markets” (March 2021).

Originating as a health crisis in early 2020, COVID-19 has rapidly transformed into an unparalleled economic crisis impacting global, national, and regional economies, as well as the lives of billions across the globe. This report meticulously dissects the far-reaching consequences of the crisis across industry sectors, businesses, individuals, families, and communities. It meticulously examines empirical evidence and data from business realms and societal segments that could face arduous journeys to recovery, with a focus on the most susceptible enterprises and individuals in emerging markets, who are anticipated to grapple with persistent challenges and specific difficulties in navigating through this crisis. Additionally, the report underlines avenues for the private sector to take proactive measures in support of a robust resurgence and the concept of “building back better.”