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MINDS project- Improving the Digital Skills of Tourism Workers

Description of case MINDS is an EU funded project aiming to contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector in Europe and overcome some of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis. To do so, the specific objectives of the project are: to raise awareness of tourism SMEs on Digital Transformation to intensify the upskilling and reskilling capacities of tourism workers by improving their digital skills to contribute to the definition and adoption of homogenised COVID-safety protocols in the tourism industry at European level to strengthen international cooperation among stakeholders of the tourism sector The MINDS project targets tourism workers in general but specifically focuses on supervisors and skilled craft workforce working in SMEs located in rural or isolated areas. The project pays particular attention to gender equality and addresses differences in relation to the access and use by underrepresented groups to the training programmes that are put in place. The project also focuses on adults with a low level of skills, knowledge and/or competences. In addition, the project is implementing trainings and workshops on COVID-19 safety protocols open to anyone within the tourism sector. The project has developed a training program that consist of these modules: Smart management and planning in tourism destinations Digital transformation and Innovation applied to tourism destination management Sustainability as the key to smart destinations The keys to a digital transformation in the tourism industry Sustainable and Smart tourism planning in the Balearic Islands It has also offered specialized trainings to improve the skills of the value chain of Smart Tourist Destination.