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Next Tourism Generation Skills Alliance

The Next Tourism Generation Alliance (NTG) implemented from 2018 to 2021, was the first European partnership and alliance for improving a collaborative and productive relationship between education and industry. The NTG Alliance provided employees, employers, entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers and students with a set of Core NTG modules in digital, green and social skills. The main objectives of the project were: To improve the relationship between Industry and Educational Providers in the Tourism sector To provide concrete innovative and highly relevant skills products and tools and respond to skills need To provide a detailed assessment of the current and anticipated skills shortages, gaps and mismatches in the sector To develop a common methodology for assessing the current situation, anticipating future needs and monitor progress to respond to skills gaps To identify, describing and indicating priorities for the review or the establishment of new qualifications To improve image of tourism career pathways at company and educational level. The main outcomes/results of the practice are: Skills Assessment – Responses methodology 8 Skills Industry led group NTG Skills Matrix Next Generation Tourism Skills toolkit Human Resources Framework Quality Framework for NTG products 3 Pan European NTG Modules reflecting the 3 Core Skills Sets BluePrint Strategy and Action Plan The NTG Established Partnership NTG Regional Hubs; Multiplier effects through regional funds in the eight countries and behind;