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OECD Tourism Papers, 2013/01 “Green Innovation in Tourism Services” (OECD Publishing, Paris 2013).

The OECD emphasizes the importance of green growth, which promotes economic development while preserving natural resources. Investment and innovation are crucial for sustainable growth and a green economy, which prioritizes low carbon, resource efficiency, and inclusivity. Tourism plays a significant role in transitioning to a green economy due to its cross-cutting nature. Both public and private sectors are increasingly motivated to invest in sustainable tourism practices. Green innovation, which reduces environmental impact and optimizes resource use, is essential for achieving sustainability goals. Government action is necessary to foster an environment conducive to green innovation. The OECD Innovation Strategy outlines principles to harness innovation for economic and societal benefit. In tourism, process innovations are becoming more important, leading to cost reduction, quality improvement, and increased profitability. A coordinated approach across government departments is vital to support green innovation in tourism effectively. Examples include setting targets for environmental performance improvement, capacity building for businesses, and establishing advisory groups for green growth.