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Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development-OECD, Fourth High-Level Roundtable on the “Digital for SMEs” Global Initiative (D4SME), Paris (November 23rd, 2022).

The fourth D4SME High-Level Roundtable at OECD headquarters in November 2022 discussed SME resilience amid digital transformation. Accelerated by the pandemic, SMEs embraced digital tools, aided by public-private cooperation. Yet, challenges persist, exacerbated by economic pressures and global disruptions like the Ukraine conflict. To ensure long-term resilience, policy focus must shift to sustainable digital adoption. Digitalization offers SMEs avenues for growth, cost-cutting, and sustainability. Collaboration among stakeholders is key, addressing connectivity, skills, and regulatory barriers. Insights from 2022’s events highlighted new business models and strategies for enhancing digital skills. The initiative plans further research and outreach to support SMEs in their digital journeys, emphasizing resilience and sustainability.