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Skyscanner’s e-car hire filter

Travel booking website Skyscanner launched an electric and hybrid car hire search filter in 2022, making it easier for travelers to book greener transport. With more transparency on cost comparisons for electric car hire, coupled with a rapidly expanding network of electric charging points across Europe and the US, Skyscanner expects demand for greener car hire to grow. There are now more than 374,000 public chargers across Europe. Skyscanner research has highlighted Portugal as one of the most affordable destinations to rent an electric car this summer. The new tool builds on the website’s Greener Choices flight filter, which launched in 2019 and helps travelers find flights that emit less CO2. How this Good Practice could be used/ transferred? This good practice of a big enterprise could be applied to the level of a micro-SME in terms of responding to the needs and wants of consumers, who are interested in ecotourism and sustainable initiatives and builds on/ works with the regional green/digital initiatives in the local/national context (e.g in this Good Practice the success rate of holiday renting of electric cars is dependent on the availability of public chargers for electric cars). The focus is on the developed tool on their website called Greener Choices, which allows travelers to filter out more sustainable choices for their travels.