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“State of Play of Tourism in the Mediterranean (Interreg Med Sustainable Tourism Community project): A Roadmap for a Greener, Inclusive & Resilient Tourism in the Mediterranean”. This report was prepared within the framework of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism Community Project by the Plan Bleu Regional Activity Centre (Plan Bleu/RAC, November 2022).

The Mediterranean, a top global tourism destination, faces negative impacts on its resources. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a reassessment of tourism models, leading Plan Bleu to produce a report for the Barcelona Convention parties. The report evaluates post-COVID coastal tourism, offering a roadmap for sustainable development. It emphasizes the region’s pivotal role in development but calls for an eco-friendly transition. The analysis reveals severe economic impacts and shifts in tourism patterns. Recommendations focus on social inclusion and addressing environmental challenges through alternative tourism models, resource efficiency, and circularity. The report aims to characterize Mediterranean coastal tourism in the face of climate, biodiversity, and pandemic challenges.