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Sustain-T, Sustainable Tourism through Networking and Collaboration project

Sustain-T is an EU funded project implemented from 2019 to 2019, aiming at enhancing the sustainability performance of EU micro and small enterprises in the tourism sector by raising their managers’ awareness of sustainable tourism practices and improving their networking and collaboration skills for establishing new green alliances and implementing joint sustainability initiatives. The main objectives of the project included: Development of an on-line training package, addressing challenges tourism SMEs face in transforming their business model towards sustainability. Creation of interactive tools, facilitating collaboration of tourism SMEs in developing joint sustainability initiatives Provide tourism SMEs with an open educational resource – an interactive learning platform containing all Sustain-T training material Delivering guidelines for SMEs and for VET providers on using the developed materials and resources in their practice. The project specifically targeted at owners and managers of EU tourism micro and small enterprises and at VET providers, trainers and learners interested in sustainable tourism issues. The main results of the project include: The creation of a knowledge pool comprising EC recommendations, statistical reports, latest research and scientific publications on sustainable tourism, as well as on transversal skills development (networking and collaboration). The development of Sustain-T learning material and platform that sought to raise awareness of sustainable tourism issues and to provide an opportunity to learn from best practices in the field. It comprises of interactive tools, allowing the training participants to collaborate on developing joint sustainable tourism initiatives. Some of the interactive tools developed by the project include SELF-AUDIT TOOL: designed for tourism SMEs to assess their sustainability performance. RESOURCE-MAPPING TOOL: aims to help tourism SMEs identify available resources for improving their sustainability performance. It provides a possibility to visualize individual resources of an enterprise, and to see a complete resource map of all collaborating SMEs. IDEATION TOOL: an instrument allowing tourism MSEs to match the self-audit results with the produced resource map. It leads to understanding how the sustainability areas where the enterprise is underperforming could be improved using available resources.