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The SRA: The Sustainable Restaurant Association

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (The SRA) aims to tackle the global issues facing the food system by creating a universally applicable and accessible way to define sustainability for restaurants. Their vision is to provide chefs and restaurateurs with the tools to improve their businesses, share their successes, and inspire customers with food that looks, tastes, and does good. The SRA’s intervention is centered around the Food Made Good Standard, which sets out the criteria for what ‘good’ looks like in the hospitality industry. It provides a framework for chefs and restaurateurs to enhance their business practices, enabling them to make sustainable choices, share their achievements, and serve food that not only tastes good but also contributes to positive environmental and social impact. The SRA was founded in 2008 and introduced the Food Made Good Sustainability Standard in 2010. It has since been continually evolving to meet the needs of the industry. In 2023, the standard was relaunched with updates, including a globally accessible and applicable framework and a user-friendly online platform. A main result of the initiative is that the Food Made Good Sustainability Standard has become widely recognized and utilized within the industry, empowering restaurants to adopt sustainable practices. The SRA serves as a sustainability partner and judge for prominent industry awards, including The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the UK’s National Restaurant Awards, further promoting sustainability across the sector. By implementing the Food Made Good Standard, restaurants have the opportunity to improve their environmental performance, enhance their social impact, and showcase their commitment to sustainability.