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The sustainability journey of the Tarvisian Tourist Promotion Consortium, in Sella Nevea and Passo Pramollo

The sustainability journey of the Tarvisio Tourist Promotion Consortium began in 2020 and aims to promote sustainable tourism and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage in the Tarvisio area. Its objectives include maximizing positive impact and minimizing negative effects in tourism on people and on the environment. The intervention focuses on a sustainable tourism development and the recognition of Tarvisio as an eco-sustainable destination. The target population includes residents and tourists in the Tarvisio-Nassfeld-Pressegger. The practice addresses the need to monitor and manage the impacts of tourism on the territory. Mechanisms and tools are likely in place to report and address sustainability issues and gather feedback, such as the implementation of a questionnaire survey. The expected outcomes/results include: Awarded Sustainable Tourism Destination Certificate according to GSTC international standards. Recognition as the second eco-sustainable destination in Italy. Implementation of initiatives such as the No Borders Festival, promoting the correlation between live music and cultural/natural aspects. Encouragement of sustainable mobility through the promotion of the Alpe Adria Cycle Route and Alpe Adria Trail. The On Tour project focusing on making accommodation facilities in the destination more sustainable. Contribution to the enhancement of products from the area’s alpine pastures through the MADE project.