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The Water Museum of Venice

The Water Museum of Venice aims to assemble the most significant examples of the rich but fragmented heritage of the water civilizations’ of the Tre Venezie through an innovative online platform and a number of digital itineraries. Their platform use the free open-source app Izy travel, available in multiple languages to facilitate the localization of the 70 sites for the visitors. The Water Museum of Venice is a network of 70 waterway sites welcoming 400.000 visitors per year and a digital museum – an “extended” museum, composed of concrete physical places. It is part of a research strategy implemented by the University of Venice and created by the International Center for the Civiltà dell’Acqua Onlus (a local NGO), to mitigate the effect of mass tourism in the Venice region. The Water Museum of Venice is a founding member of the UNESCO’s Global Network of Water Museums, a flagship initiative of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme of UNESCO with the aim of better using water heritage and museums to improve water management via communication and education activities.