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Title of good practice: Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Cyprus: “Annual Report 2022”.

Contained within the Annual Report is a wealth of valuable insights into the current trends within Cyprus’ tourism sector, along with a concise articulation of the National Tourism Strategy Statement, which is reproduced below. It is important to note the strategic aspiration of positioning Cyprus as an intelligent digital destination. The “Cyprus’ National Tourism Strategy 2030” seeks to foster the sustainable growth of tourism in Cyprus, with a positive impact on our economy, society, and the environment. Should we succeed in this endeavor, the tourism sector could potentially contribute an additional value of approximately 1.5 billion Euros annually to the Cypriot economy by the year 2030. This would signify a remarkable surge of 53% compared to the 2.9 billion Euros contributed in 2018. In terms of per-person spending during overnight stays, our target for 2030 could reach an average of 90 Euros, marking a 16% rise from the 2018 average of 75 Euros per person. Moreover, it is envisaged that around 40% of overnight stays could occur between November and April, a substantial increase from the 22% recorded in 2018. The projection for overnights in mountainous and rural regions is even more ambitious, aiming to elevate the figures to approximately 400,000 annually by 2030, a significant leap from the 100,000 recorded in 2018. The core strategic pillars of our vision revolve around positioning Cyprus as: a) an all-season destination b) a destination synonymous with quality c) a technologically advanced and digitally savvy destination d) a place where the local population collectively benefits from the presence of tourism.