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Title of the good practice: New professions and TICS in tourism organizations: Occupations, profiles and skills

Emerging occupations and jobs are identified in the new professions related to STEAM areas, within the tourism sector; considered one of the most influenced by ICTs in the last two decades. Tasks that have been proven to strengthen a new business technological value chain, and whose processes are assumed from the company’s internal and external logistics, operations, marketing and services revalue the tourism product. In other words, processes that characterize new roles and technological competencies, which must be considered in specialized training. There is a big digital skills gap in hotels and the tourism and hospitality industry. Skilled staff are needed across a range of different digital roles, and demand for these skill sets is only going to grow in future. Consider upskilling for digital roles much needed by hotel brands, such as: Digital marketing and content creation ,Cybersecurity-commerce sales, Data analyst, Social media management, Mobile app development, Digital guest experience management.