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Tivoli Hotels redefined the customer experience, based on the Feel Safe at Tivoli program.

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts is one of the main Portuguese hotel chains, with 12 units in Portugal and 2 in Brazil, with more than 3,000 rooms. Operating in an increasingly competitive market, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts faced the pressure of opening several new hotels and the acceleration of the growth of Online Travel Agencies. It launched the “Feel Safe at Tivoli” plan to complement the measures already implemented within the framework of the Tourism of Portugal seal, “Safe & Clean” awarded to all hotels of the brand. Endorsed by experts, these measures will be implemented in all hotels. The Feel Safe at Tivoli program reviewed all of the company’s operations and is organized around 10 lines of action, which respond to customer needs in the new social reality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. With, the adaptation of services from arrival, through rooms, catering and leisure activities, reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection processes, communication and digital services and reorganization of layouts to ensure physical distance to the control of air and water purification, the plan of measures covers all aspects that will allow hotels to reopen with maximum guarantee of safety for customers and employees. To protect its competitive position, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts has developed a digital strategy to acquire new customers and encourage existing ones to book directly on its website. As Search is an important digital channel for the hospitality industry, a Search Marketing strategy was developed, which resulted in a decrease in Cost-per-click by 66%, an increase in Clickthrough rate by 100% and a decrease in cost digital revenue by 60%.Combining in-depth knowledge of the customer journey, insights from advanced analytics tools and experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns, the goal was for the right message to be delivered to the right audience at the right time at a very efficient cost. In the first year, Tivoli saw a 40% increase in online sales and after two years, direct bookings on the Tivoli Hotels and Resorts website grew 60% more than online travel agencies. Inside the hotel, and in order to minimize interactions between people and contact with surfaces, Tivoli provides a mobile application through which guests can access all hotel information and services, including restaurant, gym or spa appointments. Updated cleaning and sanitizing protocols were redefined in all hotels, in accordance with national and international guidelines. These protocols were later revised and adapted to the new reality by SGS. In this way, robust hygiene procedures were implemented both in the rooms and common areas, as well as in the lobby, reception and restaurants, as well as in kitchens and employee areas. These measures also extend to laundry processes. In the specific case of the rooms, after complete cleaning, they will be individually sealed and the seal will only be torn with the entry of a new customer. The Food and Beverage area underwent a redefinition of the offer of catering services with regard to à la carte service, buffets, room service and minibar. All suppliers will have to comply with a delivery process with strict control protocols. These new measures will be implemented throughout the entire process, from logistics and receipt of goods to preparation and delivery of the service. The hotel’s common spaces were carefully reorganized in terms of capacity and furniture, in order to avoid the concentration of people and the proximity between them, guaranteeing physical distance. Safety signs are available in public areas, such as reception, elevators, restaurants or leisure areas. Tivoli permanently monitors the recommendations of the health authorities, in order to provide its employees with the most appropriate personal protective equipment. All these measures were preceded by a comprehensive training plan. All hotels underwent a rigorous process of preparation and disinfection of air and water purification systems before opening. Preventive maintenance protocols were also reinforced. The technical services increased the frequency of inspections and water disinfection control, in order to guarantee the quality of the water in the pools. The concierge and reception teams are more than ever prepared to help customers enjoy their stay in the city or the area surrounding the hotel in the safest possible way, both when traveling and when choosing spaces and local experiences. In compliance with all necessary legal requirements and to protect everyone’s health, Tivoli employees underwent training in health procedures. Daily protocols are followed to check the health status of the hotel team. In addition, early detection protocols and action plans are implemented in case a client is found to be a patient. Each hotel has a highly qualified health and safety professional, responsible for leading the implementation of protocols, ensuring employee training and promoting environmentally responsible behavior in the use of resources. In a partnership between the NH Hotel Group and SGS Certification Services, the hygiene and safety protocols applicable to hotel operations were redefined, to ensure that they are clean and safe environments.