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Tourban- Accelerating SME capacity and innovation for sustainable urban tourism

Tourban is an EU-funded project initiated in 2020 that supports urban tourism SMEs in becoming more sustainable and competitive through the adoption of environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable business models. Thereby they will be able to reduce their costs, decrease their resource consumption and increase their revenue streams through an enhanced visibility and positioning. It aims to address the multiple effects and impacts arising from urban tourism such as the need to increase health precautions, greater pressure on limited urban resources such as water, energy and space, waste management, gentrification and coexistence between residents and visitors, as well as the precarious working conditions in the hospitality and catering industry. Its main outcomes include: Sharing and exchanging knowledge and best practices on tourism sustainability and circular economy models, especially in an urban context. Offering tourism SMEs the opportunity to participate in networking events and engage in crosssectoral and transnational collaboration. Providing minimum 60 tourism SMEs with business and financial support in a 12-month acceleration programme. Support tourism SMEs in adopting best practices including obtaining internationally recognized certificates and labels. Leveraging tourism SMEs’ capacities and skills to develop innovative solutions that make them both more sustainable and competitive. Spearhead a transnational and cross-sectoral movement towards tourism sustainability in urban areas across Europe.