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Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals – Journey to 2030

The publication “Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals – Journey to 2030” explores how tourism can contribute to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, emphasizing its potential for economic growth, poverty alleviation, and environmental conservation. It analyzes the interlinkages between tourism and each SDG, providing case studies and best practices worldwide. Additionally, it discusses policy coherence, stakeholder engagement, and the urgency for transformative change in the tourism sector. On the other hand, “World Employment Social Outlook 2018: Greening with Jobs” discusses the transition to a greener economy and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities, particularly in sectors like renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. It emphasizes the importance of policy frameworks, education, and stakeholder collaboration in facilitating this transition while ensuring social inclusion and equitable distribution of benefits. Lastly, “Employment and Social Developments in Europe: Sustainable growth for all: choices for the future of Social Europe” provides insights into employment trends, social protection systems, and the skills needed for the future labor market in Europe. It advocates for inclusive labor markets, gender equality, and policies that promote social cohesion and sustainable growth. Overall, these publications offer valuable frameworks and recommendations for aligning policies, assessing human capital needs, designing training programs, monitoring progress, and fostering collaboration to promote sustainable development, green employment, and social inclusion.