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Training for sustainable food systems development – T4F

“T4F – Training for Sustainable Food Systems Development.” is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission. The project aims to provide high and relevant green and/or corporate social responsibility (CSR) skills in the food sector, increase employability and qualification of vocational training in the food sector, and improve the ecological transition of the food sector. The project includes the development of educational material that consists of eight learning units, each focusing on a specific aspect of sustainable food systems development. The key competences identified for the learning units cover topics such as healthy and sustainable diets, biodiversity and organic food, water and land management, food loss and waste, circular economy and resilience, local economy and alternative systems, ethic and inclusive food business models, and food and cultural heritage. The training program offers guidance for teachers and self-learners on how to approach the training material, including the recommended time dedication, important topics, and assessment tools. The assessment guide explains the continuous assessment approach used in the program and provides details about the assessment tools and scoring system. Overall, the training program aims to equip students, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the food sector with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable food systems development. It covers various aspects of sustainability and encourages active learning and practical application of the concepts.