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TUMO creative technologies centre to open in Portugal

“TUMO is a free educational programme accessible to all. In Coimbra, it will offer STEAM education to 1500 young people, promoting equal opportunities. TUMO students develop a portfolio of projects in areas such as: 3D Modelling, Animation, Game Development, Programming, Music, Graphic Design, Film and Robotics. The aim of the TUMO project is to empower young people to better deal with the challenges and opportunities of the world of work and life in society. The TUMO programme is an innovative and collaborative educational concept with transformational capacity: There is a structural need to qualify the next generation for the digital economy. Access to non-formal education in technological and creative fields is typically limited to a few learners through private tuition. The free offer promotes equal opportunities. TUMO is a complementary programme to formal education, uncomplicated and accessible. The many subject areas allow it to reach young people with different interests. Setting up a TUMO centre is an effective way to generate immediate and wide impact. At the TUMO Coimbra centre, 1500 young people aged 12 to 18 will acquire skills in 8 thematic areas at the intersection of technology and creativity: 3D Modelling, Animation, Game Development, Programming, Music, Graphic Design, Film and Robotics. The programmes are face-to-face, completely free and take place during free time. Through an individual and personalised learning path, but accompanied by monitors, young people work on technical and social skills that they then deepen in workshops and specialised laboratories. At the end of the programme, each student has a portfolio of their work, an individual record of their learning. TUMO was founded in 2011 in Yerevan, Armenia. The project has been expanding with great success all over the world, being present in countries such as Germany and France, with a total of 14 Centres and 25 000 active students. In 2023, new centres will open in Germany, the United States and Portugal. TUMO Coimbra is developed by a private non-profit association that aims to promote educational, creative, cultural and technological development among the youngest layer of the population, through innovative pedagogical models. The project represents an investment of approximately 7 million euros in the first 4 years of operation, realised through the initiative of patrons.”