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TUO MUSEO: “Father and son” for the National Archaeological Museum in Naples and “Past for Future” for National Archaeological Museum of Taranto

TuoMuseo is a world leader in the use of gaming and gamification in the promotion of cultural heritage. TuoMuseo is also active in the design of gamification solutions applied to the promotion of cultural tourism. Gaming can be a fundamental tool for conveying tourist flows to the local area and for making the experience of visiting cities of art, museums and archaeological areas more engaging. This initiative, started in 2018, focuses on creating immersive museum experiences through video games and gamification. The target population is primarily younger audiences, addressing the challenge of attracting and retaining visitors in the digital age. Mechanisms like visitor feedback systems and collaboration with experts enable continuous improvement. It has been implemented by integrating interactive displays, gamified elements, and video games to enhance visitor engagement and knowledge acquisition. Its goal is to transform the traditional museum visit into a participatory and enjoyable encounter with cultural heritage. The video-game “Father and son” created for the National Archaeological Museum of Naples obtained over 4 million downloads on Google and Apple’s digital mobile stores for the world’s first video-game published by a museum. Conceived and developed by TuoMuseo for the MANN, Father and Son has gained worldwide acclaim, entering the ranking of the most downloaded games in over 100 countries and generating more than 20.000 physical check-ins at the museum. The video-game “Past for future” created for the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto was awarded by Artribune as the best digital cultural heritage product of 2018. It is set in the city of Taranto and features stunning glimpses of both the modern-day and ancient city.