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VIAGGI E MIRAGGI Sustainable tourism network

ViaggieMiraggi is a cooperative and tour operator, a network of partners and associations in Italy and around the world. They started in the late 1990s and today they travel on 4 continents working with more than 100 local communities in 50 countries in the North and South, supporting more than 200 social projects and thousands of people. They believe in sustainable and responsible tourism, attentive to local culture and environment. ViaggieMiraggi is committed to sustainability. The tours are designed for small groups in order to facilitate cultural exchanges with local communities. In this respect ViaggieMiraggi proposes an alternative to mass tourism, attention to the environment and local communities of visited countries, attention to local traditions and producers, attention to the local cultures, supporting and promoting the circular economy. Its practice also includes the use of local transports, organization of experiential tourism tours, preparatory meetings with the future travelers introducing culture and traditions of the country of destination, promoting the principle of sustainable tourism, participation in international projects on tourism sector.