Welcome to TOURing self assessment tool. Here you will evaluate your own Green Skills. Remember: there is no right or wrong, and this is not a competition. This self assessment is thought as a way of understanding in which stage you are in your Sustainability journey. Starting from your answers and the result, you may profit from training, tutorials, and other information that will help you improve your skills in sustainable actions.

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Level 1 Basic
Requires support from others or has low level of autonomy

Level 2 Intermediate
Requires some guidance or performing jointly with peers, assuming a certain level of responsibility

Level 3 Advanced
Performing autonomously or together with others, taking responsibility for making decisions

Level 4 Expert
Guiding and supporting others and contributing to the innovation and growth of others


Green Skills Explorer

Basic Level

You’ve planted the seed of knowledge in sustainable tourism! You know the basics of how to contribute to a greener tourism.
You can now continue your adventure in developing your skills with all the tools and resources from TOURing project, and watch your knowledge seed flourish as you progress!

Green Skills Navigator

Intermediate Level

Your knowledge seedling is flourishing! Expand your expertise in sustainable tourism, adding more leaves to your experience.
Elevate your skills: access tools and resources from TOURing project to enhance your journey!

Green Skills Innovator

Advanced Level

You’ve nurtured your knowledge into a tree bearing fruits! Deepen your insights into sustainable tourism and enjoy the rewards of your dedication.
Reap the fruits of success: explore advanced potentials and access exclusive tools and resources from TOURing project to enrich your expertise.

Green Skills Visionary

Expert Level

From a single tree to a forest of knowledge! You’ve mastered sustainable tourism. Lead the way with Greencomp.
Step into the forest of knowledge: become a pioneer in sustainable tourism by accessing advanced tools and resources from TOURing project.


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