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The TOURing Self-Assessment Tool Is Available Now

Learn How to Improve Your Green and Digital Skills

The Self-Assessment Tool developed as part of the TOURing project is now available online! This collaborative effort was undertaken by the two project partners, namely INSIGNARE in Portugal and Learning Digital in Italy.

The primary objective of the Self-Assessment Tool is to assist micro-SMEs in the tourism sector in evaluating the Green and Digital skills of their employees. This assessment enables them to make informed decisions regarding suitable learning interventions and tools for implementation. The tool was created based on the Competence Catalogue, another product developed by the consortium with the support of the Erasmus+ program. This catalogue comprises all the skills essential for updating within the Dig Comp and Green Comp frameworks, which have been seamlessly integrated into job descriptions within the tourism industry.

The Competence Catalogue inspired the formulation of a set of statements per competence, designed to be assessed through a Likert Scale. This assessment is facilitated through an online platform, culminating in the determination of proficiency levels in digital and green skills, categorized as follows: level 1 – Basic; level 2 – Intermediate; level 3 – Advanced; and level 4 – Expert.

The obtained results are anticipated to serve as a motivational tool for companies, encouraging them to enroll their staff in training courses tailored to their specific level of development.

The tool is readily accessible and free for use on the TOURing Website link