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Mastering EU Funding: Overcoming Rejections and Refining Proposals

Aim of the video Our most recent Funding Toolkit video is aimed at project leaders and organizations navigating the complexities of EU funding. In it you will find practical advice
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Understanding EU Priorities and Fund Alignment

The first crucial step in accessing EU project funding is aligning your proposal with EU priorities. The most recent video from TOURing’s Funding Toolkit explains that this alignment not only
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Unlocking EU Funding: Your Guide to Crafting a Winning Project Proposal

Navigating the intricate world of European Union (EU) funding can be daunting, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). But fear not! Our latest video, part of our comprehensive funding
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TOURing Funding Tips: Demonstrating the Relevance of Your Project to Funders

We are thrilled to introduce the newest video in the TOURing project’s Funding Toolkit: “Demonstrating the Relevance of Your Project to Funders.” This video is essential for anyone looking to
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Assessing the Impact of Tourism Projects

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the TOURing project’s Funding Toolkit: “Assessing the Impact of Tourism Projects.” This educational video is designed to help tourism professionals, business
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